About the company

DOMAT Sp. z o.o. is a limited liability company set up in 1991 by Jacek Janczak PhD and by his daughter Katarzyna Janczak M.A.

The Founder of the Company, Jacek Janczak PhD (1926-2009), was a known expert in the field of power engineering and environmental protection. He was a civil servant of the Ministry for Power Engineering, of the Ministry for Environmental Protection and of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations in Geneva.

The current President of the Company, Katarzyna Janczak M.A., is a sworn translator and interpreter of English and of French of the Polish Ministry of Justice and a translator and interpreter of German and of Spanish. She has been practising this profession since 1983 and she is member of the Association of Polish Translators and Interpreters STP and of the Polish Association of Sworn and Specialized Translators TEPIS. Thanks to the long years of practice Katarzyna Janczak has become a real professional. Her hobby is to learn new languages. Currently she learns Italian and Russian on her own.

Our distinctive features are speed and reliability, professionalism, long experience in the business, accuracy and quality.

We differ from a translation agency in that we provide instead of anonymous translations texts translated by a team enjoying translation for which it is fully responsible.

We also offer specialist translations, which may always be certified by a sworn translator in any combination of the following languages: Polish, English, French, German and Spanish.

Since the setting up of our company we have been building up a huge library of specialised professional dictionaries and of reference books as well as a modern IT system. DOMAT Sp. z o.o. is located in Warsaw, capital of Poland, in the district of Praga South.